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Steps to Prepare a Research Proposal: How to Create and Write

  • Share – Each will conduct an academic study, always based on a scientific plan which is usually embodied in a research proposal. Do you know how to prepare the right research proposal?

In carrying out research you are required to make a clear research proposal. So that you can convey the aims and objectives of the research in a complete, clear and coherent manner. Therefore, it is important for academics to pay attention to how to make a research proposal.

Well, in the following, you will get a little information about how to prepare a research proposal. Including the order of writing a research proposal. Without further ado, let’s read more!

How to Make a Research Proposal

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The steps are simple but must be considered carefully, here are the details.

  1. First, determine the title by looking at the literature review and the relevant theme, also adjust it to the purpose and basis of your research.
  2. Create a clear background, which includes why this research should be done, what its objectives are, and what problems you want to solve.
  3. Design research steps, starting from collecting initial material, searching for material sources, analyzing initial data owned, how to collect data, data estimates, possible margins of error, initial hypotheses, and research needs.
  4. Make a research proposal that is concise, concise, and clear, then submit it to interested parties.

Research Proposal Writing

For the framework of the research proposal itself, the following is systematically drafted.

  1. First, Introduction (title page, abstract, table of contents, list of figures, list of tables, and attached initial data).
  2. Library Review.
  3. Hypothesis.
  4. Research Methods (research steps, data collection techniques, data analysis techniques).
  5. Data.
  6. Data analysis.
  7. Results and Conclusions.
  8. Bibliography and Appendix.

Pretty clear and easy to understand right?

In general, writing a research proposal can be prepared with these simple steps. It’s just that, all parts must really be arranged in detail and detail, and at the same time must be brief, to the point, and clear.

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The research proposal is the basis used to start the research. Later when the proposal is approved, the research will be carried out to obtain the necessary data.

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