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DLHK3 Collaborates with Green Friends to Plant Trees

  • Share, Banda Aceh — In commemoration of the National Nature Conservation Day (HKAN) in 2021, the City Cleanliness and Beauty Environment Service (DLHK3) in Banda Aceh collaborated with the Sahabat Hijau Community (SAHI) to carry out the SAHI agenda to plant a series of eight trees. This activity took place in the City Forest of Tibang, Syiah Kuala, Wednesday (12/8/2021).

The activity which took place at 08.10 WIB was attended by dozens of participants from several other environmental care communities such as Pepelingasih, EVATOR, KOPHI and the Environmental Ambassador of Banda Aceh City.

The head of the organizing committee, Chika Priscilla, said that the SAHI agenda to plant the 8 series has become a routine thing that is carried out every year by the environmental community. The goal is to increase biodiversity and educate every visitor about each type of plant that exists in the Tibang City Forest, Banda Aceh.

“SAHI’s agenda for planting Series 8 is indeed routine, yes, it has even entered Series 8 at this time. Our goal is to continue to make Banda Aceh City green and of course to continue to increase the types of plants in the Tibang City Forest.” Chika said to the coverage team.

In addition, his party prefers to carry out tree planting in Green Open Spaces (RTH) spread across Banda Aceh City to ensure the trees can thrive and provide benefits to the surrounding environment.

“We prefer to plant trees that are green open spaces scattered in Banda Aceh City, yes, not without reason. We do this to ensure that the trees that have been planted will grow well and be cared for, not just planted and then left alone. Like today, we have the agenda at the Tibang City Forest, Banda Aceh.” Add Chika, who is often called Cici.

Then, there were six types of plants planted by the participants in the agenda. Among them are Mangga Emperor, Dates, Australian Red Guava, Red Longan, Nutmeg and Santang Oranges.

In addition to planting trees, the participants were also asked to write down the name of the planter, the time of planting and the coordinates of the plants in their respective locations.

In this case, the Banda Aceh DLHK3 strongly supports the tree planting agenda held by every environmental community in Banda Aceh City. In fact, he said that this is a form of our love and concern for the surrounding environment.

SAHI Community Trustee and Head of Sub Division of Program and Reporting of DLHK3 Banda Aceh, Yusrida Arnita, SP, M.Sc. said that the process of planting trees is very important for the environment. It can even enrich existing biodiversity.

“The tree planting agenda held by the Sahabat Hijau community (SAHI) series eight is a form of our concern for the environment, yes.. Because trees are a source of life that has so many benefits. Produces groundwater, incomparable oxygen, even the tree will also provide coolness and shade to the surroundings.” Yusrida said in her speech in front of the participants.

According to him, by planting one tree regularly every month can supply oxygen for 2 humans on earth.

“If we regularly plant trees, we will get many benefits. Just imagine, one tree that we plant every month will supply oxygen for two people. If it is more, there will be many humans who receive oxygen from the tree itself, right,” he said.

The implementation of this environmental activity applies a strict process.

The Mayor of Banda Aceh, Aminullah Usman, SE.Ak MM really appreciates the initiative from DLHK3 in collaboration with the Sahabat Hijau Community (SAHI) to plant trees.

According to Aminullah, this activity is a form of real support for the reforestation program that has been implemented by the Banda Aceh City Government so far.

“I express my appreciation and gratitude to the community who care about the environment. Of course, this is a form of support for the reforestation program for Banda Aceh City,” Aminullah said.

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