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Recipe and How to Make Anchovy Pete Sambal Ijo

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Pekalongan Portal – You guys are spicy lovers, there is a special recipe that we will share with you guys.. Recipe and how to make green chili pepper anchovies.

The recipe and how to make anchovies with green chili sauce is easy to practice in your home kitchen.

Here’s the recipe and how to make more complete anchovies with green chili sauce.

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The first step, fry the anchovies until crisp, set aside, about 150gr anchovies. then the peeled banana, split into 2 parts, about 4 to 5 plantains. ⁣

Ingredients for Green Sauce: ⁣

-200gr large green chilies, cut into pieces

-100gr green chilies

-200gr Tomato green, cut into pieces

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