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Considered Hurting Farmers’ Hearts, Governor Asked to Remove Aceh’s Head of Industry and Trade

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REDELONG (Alert): Aceh Governor Nova Iriansyah was asked to remove the Aceh Head of Trade and Industry (Disperindag) Mohd Tanwir from his position because he was considered to have hurt tomato farmers in Bener Meriah.

This was conveyed by the Director of the NGO Ramung Institute Waladan Yoga to Waspada, Thursday (12/8).

“Tanwir spoke in one of the online media saying that the recent drop in tomato prices was due to the poor quality of tomatoes in Bener Meriah, sour and perishable, well that’s a stupid statement, as long as you say,” said Walada furiously.

In this case, said Waladan, the Head of Aceh’s Industry and Trade Office should find a solution related to the price drop, not hurt the farmers in the Gayo highlands.

“Don’t just say it as a regional official, there are other more acceptable dictions, even if according to Tanwir the quality of the gayo tomatoes is low, then what is the short-term solution offered, not justifying the quality,” he said.

He added, even though quality is considered uncompetitive, there must be a long-term and tiered solution that can answer the challenges of secondary crops in Bener Meriah Regency.

“Then what long-term measures of the Department of Commerce Aceh? Presentation Head of Commercial Aceh in my opinion is not right, it hurt the farmers who have crops in Gayo, Aceh Governor immediately unplug Mohd Tanwir of the department, he does not deserve to be in that position, “stressed Waladan.

In addition, Aman Pangeran, one of the tomato farmers in Bener Meriah, deeply regretted the statement by the Aceh Head of Industry and Trade, Mohd Tanwir, in one of the online media.

“He doesn’t know how difficult it is to grow tomatoes, just taking care of them is more than taking care of babies, how come he enjoys talking like that, we are disappointed with his statement,” said Aman Pangeran. (Cet)

Photo: Director of the NGO Ramung Institute Waladan Yoga. Alert / Eri Tanara

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