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Check out How to Make a Health Certificate, For Those Who Are Struggling To Find Jobs Must Read!

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how to make a health certificate

Already know how to make a health certificate, this is very important for those of you who are looking for a job, listen to all the steps.

You can do a number of ways to make a health certificate. It’s easy! Want to know the information? Come on, take a look.

A health certificate is one of the documents that is often used as a condition for applying for jobs in government agencies and private companies.

Moreover, during the current pandemic, a Covid health certificate is also needed for travel requirements during PPKM (implementation of restrictions on community activities).

But keep in mind, yes, a health certificate is not a Covid-19 free certificate, the two are different.

In the previous article, have discussed how to write a drug free letter, you need to know too lo.

There are also a number of ways to make other certificates such as KTP, KK, NPWP, and other important documents.

So, what is checked when making a health certificate? Where to make a health certificate? Check the following explanation, yes, so you are not wrong.

Guide on How to Make a Certificate of Sehat

how to make a health certificate

Compiled from various sources, the applicant for this letter will go through an examination including a physical examination, a chest X-ray, a heart record, a blood check, and a urine check.

There are two places you can go to write this letter, namely Puskesmas and Hospitals.

1. How to Make a Health Certificate at the Health Center. Here are the guidelines and conditions.

If you want to make a health certificate at this health service, follow these steps:

a. Visit the nearest health center from the location of residence. Try to come early to avoid queues

b. Attach documents in the form of Identity Card (KTP) and photo (3×4)

c. Take queue number

d. Pay administrative fees ranging from Rp. 10 thousand – Rp. 50 thousand

e. You will be asked to wait for your turn to check

f. When you are in the examination room, you will usually ask about your medical history.

g. After undergoing the examination, you will get a health certificate signed by a doctor.

2. Guidelines for Making Hospital Health Certificates

If you plan to make the same certificate, but at the hospital, here’s a guide.

a. Visit the nearest hospital. If we want to get a cheap health certificate, it is advisable to go to the nearest hospital.

b. Register yourself by filling in your address, name, and date of birth for the verification process

c. After your turn, you will pass a series of general checks such as blood pressure, height, weight, and other general checks.

d. If you are declared healthy, a health certificate will be in your hands.

Note! These are the requirements for making a Health Certificate

how to make a health certificate

As part of how to make the letter, you must complete two requirements, namely:

a. Photocopy of ID card or other identity card

b. Passport color photo size 3×4

You need to know, that the health certificate has a validity period. Usually, the validity period is 1-2 weeks.

That’s how to make a health certificate that you can do easily, not complicated and doesn’t take long.

After making this certificate, congratulations on finding a job, good luck, and have a good career.

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