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Sold out! These 5 types of honey are in high demand during the pandemic

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Honey illustration Photo: Shutterstock
Honey, the sweet and legit is believed to be an effective herbal medicine for health. Many people rely on honey to increase immunity, increase stamina, and improve health.
Now, in time pandemicHoney is also one of the herbal ingredients that are often sold out. This is because, many people believe honey can help maintain the immune system to avoid the risk of exposure to the corona virus.

Well, talking about honey, it turns out that there are several types that are apparently selling well in the Indonesian market. This variant sold out because of the benefits and nutrients that have been qualified well. Because of the high interest of buyers, to the extent that e-commerce also participate in marketing these honeys. Wow, curious right? Come on, let’s just look at the following review.

Multifloral honey illustration Photo: Doc.Shutterstock

First there is multiflora honey. This honey is recognized for its diverse flavonoid content. As the name implies, flavonoids and nectar are also collected from various plants.

The presence of flavonoids plus polyphenols, makes the antioxidant content in this honey more and more. Antioxidants are what help nourish the body. With regular consumption of honey multiflora nutrition and immunity can be maintained.

Illustration of honey cultivation Photo: dok.kembangjoyo

Another healthy honey option is calliandra honey. This type of one is known for contributing a lot of phenolic compounds. Quoting from the Shopee release (12/8), the calliandra honey has 557 milligrams of phenolic content, while the other content is 156 milligrams of flavonoids.

Another interesting fact, this honey is included in the type of organic food that is free from pesticides. Produced directly by calliandra flower nectar-sucking honey bees, it produces high-quality honey that helps ward off free radicals in the body.

honey illustration Photo: Shutterstock
Next there is super honey, healthy drink rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Super honey concoction obtained from bee pollen and royal jelly. Both provide the best content to create honey that provides many benefits to the body.

Bee pollen is known for containing good nutrition as well as essential amino acids. In addition, this one ingredient has antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. Meanwhile, royal jelly helps fight infection, boost the immune system, recover from fatigue, slow down the aging process, and improve artery health.

4. International standard honey

Manuka Honey Photo: Shutterstock

The main characteristic of international standard honey is to use honey that is fully ripe. With this composition, this honey gets the qualification of pure honey and deserves to enter the reach of the international market.

Not only that, international standard honey is considered to have a very high diastase enzyme. Diastase enzyme compounds can only be obtained from pure honey only. Therefore, the benefits provided by this type of honey are more than other honey variants.

Honey illustration. Photo: Iqbal Firdaus/coil

Last one comb honey. One of the most popular variants by many people because of its unique way of eating. Presentation comb honey considered very aesthetic, where honey connoisseurs can eat the nest at the same time. However, the benefits are also unquestionable.

Honeycomb is rich in propolis. In addition to protecting the quality of the nest, propolis also provides many good nutrients to the body. Among them increase immunity, provide extra energy, relieve nasal congestion, colds and flu, sinusitis and inflammation of the lining of the nose.

Reporter: Balqis Tsabita Azkiya

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