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How to Make Sushi That Suitable for the Tastes of the Palembang People’s Tongue

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TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM, PALEMBANG – Sushi is a food from Japan, with the basic ingredients of rice, side dishes and vegetables.

Usually Sushi is made from raw ingredients, but in Sukurakita they provide Sushi with cooked ingredients.

“We modified this sushi according to the Palembang people’s tongue, namely with cooked ingredients and a salty, spicy and savory taste,” said Sakurakita Owner Nissya Intan while at Sakurakita on Jalan Soekarno Hatta, Bukit Baru, Thursday (12/8/2021).

He further said, to make Sushi by adapting the taste of the Palembang people’s tongue so that it is liked and liked by the community.

Because not everyone likes raw materials.

Now to make this Palembang-style Sushi the ingredients are nori, rice, crab sticks, cucumber, carrots, cheese and kriuk.

For the topping, you can use original, spicy mayonnaise, flying fish eggs, unagi, wakame or fermented seaweed, and salmon.

How to make sushi that suits the palate of Palembang people
How to Make Sushi according to the Tongue of the Palembang People (TRIBUNSUMSEL.COM/LINDA)

How to make :

crab sticks, cucumbers and carrots are cooked with water until boiling first.

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