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Increase Planting Index, Bojonegoro DKPP Adds 9 New Drill Wells

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Thursday, August 12, 2021, Read: 73 x

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Arifin Jauhari

Head of Sarpras DKPP Bojonegoro, Zainal Fanani. – Arifin Jauhari

Bojonegoro – The Department of Food and Agriculture Security (DKPP) of Bojonegoro Regency, East Java, will add nine new boreholes. This will have an impact on increasing the Planting Index (IP) around the drilled well area.

The Head of the Facilities and Infrastructure (Sarpras) Division of the Bojonegoro DKPP, Zainal Fanani revealed, the construction of drilled wells is expected to be able to irrigate approximately 25 hectares of rice fields at each point. Thus there will be an increase in IP.

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    “For example, IP 2 means that you can plant rice twice a year,” he told, Thursday (12/08/2021).

    He explained that IP is the average planting and harvesting period in one year on the same land. Increasing IP in an area, among others, by optimizing water supply for plants. The higher the IP, the higher the agricultural productivity.

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      Every year, continued Zainal, there are always proposals for the construction of boreholes from farmer groups. For 2021, it is planned that there will be nine drilled wells, spread over five sub-districts. Namely in the Districts of Kanor, Baureno, Kedungadem, Purwosari and Sumberejo.

      “The ceiling is Rp. 1.6 billion. This has not been realized yet,” said the man from Blitar.

      He added that in determining the point of the well, a geoelectric test is needed first to find the point where the water source is located. Can’t just make a well.

      “This drilled well is a grant to a farmer group (poktan). After it is submitted, the responsibility for maintenance will be on the farmer group,” he explained.(fin)

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