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10 Ways to Make Delicious Cheese, Know the Process

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When whey is dried, the curds usually form large slabs. For some cheeses, there is another step to removing more moisture from the curd. This method of making cheese is known as cheddaring. After cutting the curd mixture into pieces, the cheesemaker will stack each sheet of curd. The pile of slabs will put pressure on them, releasing more moisture.

Periodically, the cheese maker will repeat the process, cutting the curd sheets again and rearranging them. The longer this process lasts, the more whey is removed from the curd, producing a denser cheese texture. Fermentation also continues during the cheddaring process. Eventually, the curd will reach a pH of 5.1 to 5.5. When ready, the cheese maker will grind the curd sheets, producing smaller pieces.

Cheese salting

The next way to make cheese is the salting process. Salt is added to help dry and preserve the curd. The curd is now starting to look more like cheese in its final form. This could involve sprinkling dry salt or soaking the cheese in brine. Some types of cheese are also added spices in this process.

Some cheeses are ready to eat after this stage. They are called raw cheese, or fresh cheese. Examples include cottage cheese, cream cheese, and some types of mozzarella. Other cheeses are further processed.

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