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Lambar Coffee Production Down 5-10 Percent

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RADARLAMPUNG.CO.ID – Coffee production in West Lampung has decreased by 5-10 percent this year. One of them is in the Balikbukit area and its surroundings.

Head of Plantation of the Plantation and Livestock Service (Disbunnak) Lambar Sumarlin revealed that the decline in coffee production was based on the results of a survey conducted.

“Until the last survey, Lambar coffee production fell by 5-10 percent from last year. But this is not final. The decline occurred in the Balikbukit sub-district and its surroundings. Meanwhile, the Sumberjaya, Waytenong and surrounding areas, although experiencing a decline, are not so significant,” said Sumarlin representing the Head of the Lambar Disbunnak Nata Djudin Amran.

The decline in coffee production, he said, was due to several things. One of them is unpredictable weather. In where, The rainfall is quite high which causes the coffee flowers to fall out, coupled with the behavior of coffee cultivation that has not been maximized.

“Other causes are lack of fertilization, poor pruning, not to mention the coffee berry borer or pests that usually attack coffee plants. Then there are many shade plants that affect humidity and cause coffee production to not be optimal,” he explained.

Although production has decreased in 2021, Sumarlin continued, it is still above the performance target in the Regional Long-Term Development Plan (RPJMD).

“Especially for production in 2022, we believe it will increase. It can be seen from the final twigs and flowers, as well as the continued improvement in coffee cultivation behavior,” he concluded.

To note, Lambar coffee production last year reached 52 thousand tons. If calculated on average, each hectare of coffee plantations in the area only produces 1.2 tons of coffee beans. (nop/ais)

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