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Want to Start Playing TikTok? Check out 10 Tips for Playing Tiktok for Beginners

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SRAGEN UPDATE – TikTok is currently one of the most popular apps in the world, filled with videos of people dancing, performing stunts, and playing comedy skits.

For someone who wants to start posting videos, need to know how to play TikTok for beginners.

Here are 10 tips for playing TikTok for beginners who are just starting to make proper TikTok videos:

1. How to Make a Private TikTok Account

If the video on your personal tiktok account you don’t want others to see, go to the profile icon on the right side of the bottom menu bar.

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Go to Privacy, and click the Private Account button to enable private settings, then other users can’t follow the tiktok account without the owner’s consent.

2. How to Upload Video on TikTok After Recording From Private Phone Gallery

After making a video on your phone using one of the video editing apps and want to upload it to TikTok, open TikTok and tap the plus sign icon at the bottom of the screen.

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