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Bekasi Regency Government Encourages Galangal from Muktijaya Village to Be Exported

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Sariagri – Galangal products produced by traditional farmers in Muktijaya Village, Setu District, Bekasi Regency, West Java are encouraged to become one of the mainstay export commodities of the local area.

“We will cooperate with spice exporters to help market this type of rhizome plant to the international market,” said Acting Regent of Bekasi, Dani Ramdan after visiting farmers in Bekasi, Thursday.

Dani admitted that the aim of bringing in exporters is so that the selling price of the produce can be higher than in the local market so that the production of these farmers is competitive.

He said that the agricultural products of this type of rhizome were abundant, but it was hampered by the marketing process and certification of seeds to be exported.

“Regarding marketing, we will bring in market players who are used to exporting this product abroad so that sales increase because so far there have been problems when the price has fallen,” he said. Then regarding the certification of seeds, the regional government asked the Center for Applied Testing of Agricultural Quarantine Techniques and Methods to be issued with a target of issuing certificates in the next month.

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“Because the galangal comes from Muktijaya Village, we set the name, namely Muktijaya Oil Galangal. After this naming, the certification can be directly processed,” he said.

Dani has also prepared an alternative scheme to market these crops by cooperating with the industrial sector which can absorb the products of these farmers.

“There is a second target, namely industries that can absorb this spice, so if we can’t export later, we can sell alternatives to industries that need it,” he said.

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