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Marapi Axis Shallots, Superior Varieties of Tanah Datar – Cendana News

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BATUSANGKAR – The Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan) has approved the Marapi Axis shallot variety in Tanah Datar Regency, West Sumatra, to be a local superior variety.

“With the presence of this variety, it is an option for the community, not only residents of Tanah Datar but also people outside Tanah Datar to develop it,” said Head of the Tanah Datar Agricultural Service Yulfiardi in Batusangkar, Thursday.

He said that the Marapi Axis shallot variety obtained the variety list mark from the Ministry of Agriculture could not be separated from the cooperation and hard work of all parties, especially the research team.

He thanked the ranks of the Department of Agriculture and the support from the Center for the Assessment of Agricultural Technology (BPTP) and the Center for Seed Supervision and Certification (BPSB) of West Sumatra.

HM Suharto

“After being registered on June 21, finally the shallot plant of the Marapi Axis variety was declared to have been registered as a local variety on August 2, 2021 yesterday,” he said.

Head of Horticulture Division of the Tanah Datar Agriculture Service, Sri Mulyani, said the Marapi Axis shallot variety has the advantage of higher productivity, including bulbs from the Marapi Axis variety which emerges to the ground and is stratified with bulb diameters of 1.7 to 2.5. mm.

Each clump of shallots of the Axis Marapu variety reached 15 to 25 bulbs with a weight per clump of 130 to 180 grams with a harvest age of 73 to 75 days after planting.

With the issuance of the registration certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture, West Sumatra has two choices of certified onion varieties, namely the SS Sakato variety and the Axis Marapi variety. (Ant)

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