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Regent Anwar and Deputy Regent Hairan Harvest Red Ginger and Inaugurate MSMEs in Sungai Muluk Village – JERNIH.ID

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JERNIH.ID, Kuala Tungkal – Still in the commemoration of the 56th anniversary of Tanjung Jabung Barat Regency, Regent Anwar Sadat and Deputy Regent Hairan attended the red ginger harvest and inauguration of micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) Sungai Muluk Village, Muara Papalik District, Wednesday (11/08) .

The red ginger produced by the Women Farmers Group (KWT) in Sungai Muluk Village and Bukit Indah Village is a partnership pattern with PT Akar Emas Semesta (AES) by utilizing oil palm plantation land that is in the process of replanting with a total area of ​​6 hectares.

Based on a report from the Department of Agriculture, Food Crops and Horticulture (DTPH), this harvesting activity is the second harvest with a total of 2500 red ginger stems planted in polybag media in the form of sacks. Uniquely, the harvest is not directly marketed but is first processed in the form of powder/powder by the village women who are members of the MSMEs assisted by the working group (pokja) III PKK, Muara Papalik District.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the PKK TP, Muara Papalik District, Dian Hariani, said that the red ginger seeds planted were local seeds originating from the Tomo Trench, Betara. Processed red ginger powder produced by MSMEs assisted by Pokja III PKK has 3 (three) flavors, namely original, milk and red ginger which are also sold online through BRI Kcp Rantau Badak. As a result, he continued, the residents of the beautiful river and hills from the sale of processed rhizome plants could help the family economy.

The Regent, Anwar Sadat, when delivering his speech, expressed his pride for the enthusiasm and creativity of the residents of the beautiful Sungai Muluk and Bukit villages. According to him, what he did should be used as an example for other villages in Muara Papalik District and all villages in Tanjung Jabung Barat.

“I am proud of the women in this beautiful river and hill village. In the midst of the economic crush due to the Covid-19 pandemic, mothers are able to do something productive. This attitude and mentality should be used as an example by other villages. I always say, small is beautiful, small is beautiful. Do something, even though it is a small thing at first, but has great value and benefits,” he said.

The Regent added that the efforts made today globally are a breakthrough and a solution to the pandemic conditions that hit the Indonesian economy and especially the West Tanjung Jabung Regency. So, he continued, the agricultural and plantation sectors are pillars that can be relied on at this time. This is certainly in line with and in accordance with the direction of the president regarding the attitude and efforts that must be made in the face of this fluctuating pandemic condition. All elements of the government and society must be smart and observant in reading and take advantage of every opportunity, especially when conditions for the spread and transmission of the corona virus are experiencing a decline.

“Do the gas and brake pattern. This means that when the corona outbreak is slowing down, we must step on the gas by making efforts to recover the economy from the family level to the wider community,” he added.

On that occasion also, the regent and the head of the pkk together with the deputy regent and the head of the gow carried out a symbolic harvest of red ginger which was followed by a review of the red ginger nursery and planting area led by the head of the Sungai Muluk village, Trimanto. To the regent, the village head also said that in addition to red ginger, residents were also developing catfish farming in tarpaulin ponds. The regent, accompanied by the vice regent, also handed over the assistance of corn seeds from the Tanjung Jabung Barat TPH Service to representatives of farmers.

Before going home, the Regent and his entourage also took the time to visit the red ginger powder processing center and try firsthand the processing process.

Also present, Dandim 0419/Tanjab Lt. Col. Inf. Erwan Susanto, S.IP, Regional Secretary Haji Agus Sanusi and his wife, Assistants and Expert Staff, Heads of OPD and Heads of related Sections, Camat Muara Papalik and his wife, Kades and village officials of Sungai Muluk and beautiful hills, Representatives of PT Akar Emas Semesta Jambi Region, Representatives of Bank BRI KCP Rantau Badak and other invited guests.

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