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Hobbies keep you sane during a pandemic

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Have hobby beneficial for one’s mental health. Hobbies can reduce stress levels, maintain physical health, have good social relationships, especially with those who have the same hobby, and make the heart happy.

  • Add friend
    Have a hobby, don’t just enjoy yourself. Share happiness, knowledge, and expand your circle of friends through hobbies. You can join a community or have a small group where each member has the same interest in certain activities. Remember, hobbies open up valuable new bonding opportunities.
  • Managing stress
    There are always events that make us stressed. But there are always drugs to relieve it. Hobbies help a person manage stress. After tired of working and full of pressure, find time to do hobbies as a stress reliever.
  • Enthusiastic
    Hobbies make life more vibrant. For example, you have a hobby of farming. Of course you will be happy when you see the plants grow big and fill the house, especially until some are bearing fruit. Likewise with the hobby of sewing, you can make new clothes for yourself or others. Enjoy the labor of this hobby.

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