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20 Twibbon Links Greetings for National MSME Day August 12, 2021, Here’s How to Create and Share to Social Media

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TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here is the link download Twibbon congratulations on National UMKM Day 2021.

Today, to coincide with the commemoration of National MSME Day, Thursday (12/10/2021).

There are various ways to celebrate MSME Day 2021, including sharing greeting cards on social media.

Twibbon greeting National MSME Day can be sent via Facebook, Twitter to Instagram.

Greeting cards that contain these frames, pictures, and text, can be created through Twibbon

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It is known, National MSME Day is celebrated every August 12.

MSME Day was first celebrated on August 12, 2016.

Quoted from the official KemenkopUKM Instagram account, it is stated that the history of MSME Day begins with the Yogyakarta Charter which is the result of the MSME National Congress and the 2nd National Meeting of Companions (TNP2) on May 25-26 2021.

The event was attended by hundreds of co-operative and MSME assistants from all over Indonesia.

National MSME Day coincided with the birth of Moh. Hatta, August 12.

Twibbon National MSME Day.
Twibbon National UMKM Day. In this article there is a link to download Twibbon congratulations on National UMKM Day 2021, along with how to create and share to medsos. (Capture the screen

Here’s how to make Twibbon Fly the Red and White Flag, as practiced

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