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[POPULER FOOD] Easy Banana Apem Recipe

  • Share – Banana apem recipe is included in one of the news that is widely read in Food from 9-11 August 2021.

In addition, other news that also received attention was related to the food business that gave prizes to Olympic gold-winning athletes Greysia and Apriyani.

More complete, here are the most popular news Food from 9-11 August 2021.

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In this apem cake recipe, the dough is baked on the stove using a mold.

You can use a mud cake mold or pancake to bake apem cake dough.

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In particular, this baked apem recipe uses Ambon banana as the main ingredient.

The complete recipe for banana apem cake is here.

2. Coconut Apem Cake Recipe, The Result is Tender and Fibrous

There are many apem creations that can be made. One of them, coconut apem cake. In this roasted apem recipe using shaved young coconut as a topping.

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How to make this apem cake using a pancake mold then baked on the stove.

Check out the coconut apem cake recipe here.

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