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Residents Complain, Cihideung Agro Tourism is Decorated with Garbage Piles

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PORTAL BANDUNG TIMUR – Residents complained about the scattered garbage on Jalan Sersan Bajuri, Mekarwangi Village, Cihideung Village, Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency, West Java. Piles of garbage on the side and scattered on the roads carried by the wind give the impression of a slum area for the Cihideung Agro Tourism area.

“Well, it’s a stark contrast, in a beautiful agro tourism area with flowers and plants for sale and the air is very cool, but in every empty land there is a lot of garbage. Even the strange thing is that near the entrance gate to the Cihideung Agro Tourism area, the garbage on the side of the road has been piling up,” said Widyawati, an Arcamanik resident who was looking at plants at one of the flower vendors, not far from the pile of garbage, Wednesday 11 August 2021.

One of the traders, Tedi said that the garbage that had piled up in almost every vacant land was not maintained, it was not garbage thrown away by local residents. “I feel confident that residents around here never throw garbage on the side of the road, especially on vacant land to cause unpleasant odors and annoy potential buyers,” said Tedi.

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Tedi said that the piled up garbage was garbage thrown away by passersby. “Most of the residents who pass by drive throw trash away, we traders here have burned it very often, maybe because it is suspected that someone is managing and is allowed to dispose of garbage, residents are throwing garbage more and more often,” Tedi admitted.

In addition to the garbage that residents throw away casually demanding Tedi, the owners and managers of restaurants are also throwing away more and more trash on the Jalan Sersan Bajuri section. “Maybe because of the Covid-19 pandemic, garbage is not routinely transported, so restaurant or cafe owners throw it on empty land,” said Tedi.

Due to the existence of the garbage, the traders, who felt disturbed and worried about lowering the turnover of merchandise sales, have often burned and reported to the residents’ management and to Cihideung Village. But every time it is transported the next day, the garbage piles up again. (iwan rukwanda) ***

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