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Benefits of Moringa Leaves to Cure Cancer, Check out How to Make a Potion from Dr Zaidul Akbar

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SUKABUMI MANTRA – This is the benefit of Moringa leaves that can prevent and cure ovarian cancer patients according to Dr. Zaidul Akbar.

In addition, Dr. Zaidul Akbar explained the benefits of Moringa leaves that can cure several types of cancer and other diseases.

Moringa leaves are a type of leaf that is easy to find, so Dr. Zaidul Akbar will give you how to make a potion to cure cancer.

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Reported from Instagram @dr.zaidulakbar_jsr on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, here are interesting facts about Moringa leaves and how to make the ingredients to treat ovarian cancer.

“Moringa leaf tea can be used to prevent and help cure ovarian cancer,” he said.

“Kelor leaf tea also has the potential to cure lung cancer, cervical cancer, and breast cancer, as well as other cancers,” he continued.

Furthermore, Dr. Zaidul Akbar gave how to make ingredients for various types of cancer from Moringa leaves.

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Ingredients, Prepare:

– 1 tsp or 2 tsp Moringa leaf tea ⁣

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