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Tobacco Farmers’ Hope in the Midst of a Pandemic – Rembang News

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Rembang, – The tobacco harvest season has arrived. Farmers in Rembang welcomed him with joy. Unfortunately, this year’s harvest is not as good as last year’s. Many farmers claim to experience a decline in productivity due to the reduced number of plant populations.

The reason is that the high rainfall at the beginning of the growing season in June – July resulted in the death of many tobacco plants. This condition makes tobacco farmers in Rembang Regency threatened with losses due to the decline in crop yields.

Soil that is too wet has an impact on tobacco plants not being able to grow optimally. In fact, because of the high rainfall, some of the farmers’ tobacco plants are submerged in water, causing them to rot and eventually die. Farmers were forced to replace it with other crops.

One farmer from Sulang District, Adhim admitted, at the beginning of the planting season last June, the rainfall was quite high. This has an impact on tobacco plants, the majority of which are in rice fields submerged in water so that they rot and eventually die.

“Throughout June to mid-July it rained heavily. This is beyond the expectations of farmers. As a result, many tobacco plants died and had to be replaced by other plants. Those who are still safe, we will take care of them until now,” he said, Wednesday (11/8/2021).

Abidin, a tobacco farmer from Warugunung Village, Bulu Subdistrict, said the same thing. According to him, the high rainfall at the beginning of the growing season has an impact on the condition of tobacco in the area.

“Some are dead, some are alive but less than optimal because the soil is still very wet. As a result, tobacco plants grow slowly so they are stunted,” he said.

On the other hand, farmers admit that they have difficulty replacing dead tobacco plants with new tobacco seeds due to the limited availability of seeds.

Tobacco seeds from partner companies are very limited. One bed measuring 25 meters, farmers are only allotted 6 packs of seeds.

“If the plant is dead, then there are no more seeds, most buy from other farmers who have excess seeds. That’s all, if there is, if not, then it’s good,” he added.

Even though the plant population has decreased a lot, farmers are still hoping for high tobacco prices so that they can cover production costs. So far, tobacco farmers in Rembang have partnered with PT Sadhana Arifnusa.

On this condition, farmers can only surrender. They expect the remaining tobacco plants to be priced at a higher price than before.

Currently, some farmers have started to harvest their tobacco. With hot weather, it is hoped that the post-picked tobacco process can be maximized so that the quality of the tobacco becomes good.

It is planned that the partner companies will buy tobacco from farmers at the end of August. (ABA/AI)

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