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Check out the Guide on How to Make a Visa, Don’t You Don’t Know

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how to make a visa

Confused about how to apply for a visa for an overseas visit? Let’s take a look at some of the following ways so you don’t make a mistake when making it.

Before traveling abroad, there are some countries that require you to show a visa document.

A visa is a document that is evidence of the permission of a person to enter a certain country.

This is different from a passport, which is issued by the applicant’s country. Meanwhile, the visa is issued by the destination country that the applicant will visit, namely you.

The form of this visa document will also vary, of course depending on which country issued it.

There are visas in the form of a stamp, in the form of a sticker affixed to the passport, there is also a form of soft file.

For visas in the form of soft file, often called also e-Visa. So, you need to make it before arriving at the destination country.

Visa Types

Not all countries require a visa for visits. There are some countries that are “visa-free”, so you only need a passport and identification when entering the country.

Types of visas will also vary, according to the needs of the person. Well, there are several types of visas issued by a country.

Some of the types that are commonly issued by applicants for these immigration documents are:

1. Temporary family visit

2. Friends visit

3. Tourist visits (at own expense/without sponsor)

4. Business visit

5. Repeat visits (business or leisure)

6. Special (needs for study, training, work and so on)

7. Transit

8. Diplomatic (state duty)

Visa Making Requirements

You must prepare the following documents as part of how to apply for a visa, these requirements include:

1. Passport

2. Visa application form

3.Pass photos according to the needs that apply in the country

4. Show a sponsorship letter or employment certificate, or study statement

5. Proof of finance for the past 3 months, photocopy

6. Photocopy of KTP and KK

7. Itinerary to be made

8. Proof of booking a return flight ticket

Then, How to Apply for a Visa?

1. Register

You can use the system online to register on the website of the embassy of the destination country.

Usually, you will be asked to fill in your personal data and make an order and schedule an interview for file verification.

2. Prepare the necessary documents

Do not forget to prepare the necessary documents as a way to apply for a visa. Usually includes a passport, ID card, application form, and proof of visa payment.

Don’t forget to include a health certificate, flight ticket, travel schedule in the country, and financial documents.

3. Interview

After getting the schedule, arrive on time, submit the documents to the officer, and wait for the interview process.

You will undergo a brief interview about the reasons for visiting the country, along with your background.

So, if you are declared to have passed the visa application, then you just need to wait for the visa to be issued.

4. Visa Collection

When taking a visa, you can come to the embassy of the country concerned to collect the file that you are submitting.

This process is also at the same time the stages of payment or how to make a payment visa, if there is no payment at the beginning.

For some countries, such as the United States you are required to pay first before conducting the interview.

Payment can usually be made via online, or via counter bank, depending on which country you are going to.

So, everyone who is eligible to apply for a visa can do the above procedure.

However, you also need to pay attention that some countries are still doing it lockdown regarding the ongoing pandemic.

Wow, it turns out that how to make a visa or how to apply for a visit visa to a country is easy, right.

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