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5 Tips to Make Your Bedroom More Comfortable

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Jakarta: The bedroom is a place where we spend time to regenerate, refresh, and restore the spirit to face the activities that will be undertaken. However, with the pandemic, where almost all of our activities are carried out indoors, it is not uncommon for the bedroom to become a place that can make us feel comfortable.

To make the bedroom a comfortable place, you can do the following:

1. Tidy it up

The first and most important thing to do is to make sure the bedroom is kept clean. This is not only better hygienically and aesthetically, but it can also reduce stress.

“At least we can keep the bedroom clean, which can make you feel in control of your own space,” says Los Angeles-based interior designer Jenn Feldman.

With a clean, fresh room, of course it will not disturb the mind and eyes.

2. Repaint the walls of the room

Whether you’re repainting an entire room or just cleaning the walls of the room from dirt, a little refreshing in the bedroom can go a long way. You can find inspiration for redecorating your room on the internet or do your own experiments.

3. Keep pillows and pillows clean

This method can be very helpful especially for those who have allergies. Even removing the pillowcase and letting it sit for 10 minutes can refresh and make a difference.

“You can also add a special fragrance to the pillow used before going to bed to sleep better,” said Feldman.

4. Dispose of unused items

New York decorator Shanti Crawford also emphasizes that getting rid of unused items can be very helpful.

“In my opinion, instead of storing too many unimportant items, it is better to keep a few items but that are really meaningful,” explained Shanti.

5. Make sure no light enters

Sleeping in too bright light can also make it difficult for us to sleep well. You can use curtains to block out unnecessary light. Or if there are no curtains, you can use a piece of cloth to cover the unnecessary light so you can sleep better.

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