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UGM Arjuna Electric Car Achieves Brilliant Achievement in International Events

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UGM Arjuna Electric Car Team. Photo: doc. UGM Arjuna Electric Car Team
Tim Electric car Arjuna Gadjah Mada University (UGM) managed to record positive achievements, both nationally and internationally.

In the 2021 domestic competition, Innovation & Competition in Electricity (ICE), held by PLN, the UGM Arjuna team won 1st place in the car design category.

Meanwhile, in the international competition 5th Annual Formula Student Electric Vehicle (FSEV) Concept Challenge 2021 in India from July 30 to August 4, 2021, the UGM Arjuna team has successfully won a series of brilliant achievements.

Starting from the Best Battery Design title, 3rd place in Team Management Report, to becoming a finalist in the Software and Intelligence Integration category.

“With these results, it proves that the younger generation of Indonesia is able to take part in the civilization of the development of electric cars in the world,” said the Head of the 9th Generation Arjuna UGM team, Inherenta Muhammad Amarutsli in his official statement.

Furthermore, said Inheretsa, the participation of the UGM Arjuna team in various national and international competitions is to increase experience and get input from the development of electric cars that have been carried out.

There are several assessments that are the main focus of the jury at the event. Starting from the power produced, battery design, components used, to the safety factor.

“In terms of safety, the designed battery has applied the Battery Management System (BMS) and thermal management which ensures the battery operates within its safe working range. The BMS function currently being developed can perform Cell Balancing, monitor battery temperature, and monitor battery voltage,” said the technical representative of the UGM Arjuna team, Syafaat Mahrus Ali to the coil some time ago.

Specifications of the UGM Arjuna Team Electric Car

In specifications, the electric car of the Arjuna UGM team relies on an 18650 lithium-ion battery from Samung and is combined with an electric motor of the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PSMS) which is capable of producing 68 kW of power.

UGM Arjuna Electric Car Team. Photo: doc. UGM Arjuna Electric Car Team

Has Been Through the Development Process

As for, battery management system which is currently being adopted in the electric car, is a development process that has been carried out by the Arjuna UGM team so far. In its development, the UGM Arjuna team has overcome several problems in software existing and redesigned battery packs to be more compact and secure.

“The battery design used today is the second battery that was developed in accordance with the Formula Student rules. The development was initiated by a final project research by a member of the Arjuna UGM team and also reverse engineering of a battery product which has been developed to date,” explained Syafaat Mahrus Ali.

Constrained by Raw Materials Still Imported

In the process of developing the electric car, of course, the Arjuna UGM team faced various challenges and obstacles. Starting from the difficulty of battery raw materials and the relatively large development costs.

“The components used in the battery pack still rely on products from abroad. So the high cost of production is still one of the obstacles,” he continued.

Although they are still faced with various challenges, the UGM Arjuna team admits that they will continue to develop their electric cars and are ready to recreate various achievements in national and international competitions.

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