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Improving Dryland Productivity, Gunungkidul Farmers Disbursed Rp5.6 Billion

  • Share, GUNUNGKIDUL—A number of farmer groups in Gunungkidul received assistance of Rp. 5.6 billion. The aid is to boost agricultural production on 1,000 hectares of dry land.

Head of the Gunungkidul Agriculture and Food Service, Bambang Wisnu Broto, said that there were 40 farmer groups who received assistance from the dryland agriculture optimization program this year. Total assistance from the Directorate General of Agricultural Infrastructure and Facilities of the Ministry of Agriculture was Rp. 5,685 billion.

“Each group received an average of Rp. 142.1 million,” he said, Wednesday (11/8/2021).

Bambang explained that the assistance is expected to be able to optimize productivity in dry land. Each group is required to cultivate an area of ​​25 hectares. “So there is an optimization of 1,000 hectares of land in Gunungkidul. Hopefully it will go well so that the initially dry land can be productive so that the results can be felt by farmers,” he said.

During cultivation, there are also provisions that must be obeyed by farmers. For example, dry land is not only for food crops but must be left for the development of horticultural crops covering an area of ​​ten hectares.

Each group utilizes assistance for a number of programs ranging from construction of ditch dams, pumping irrigation, groundwater irrigation to piped irrigation.

“70% of the aid has been distributed and has been carried out. For example, the construction of a trench dam in Kalitekuk, Kapanewon Semin. There is also the construction of piped irrigation in Kalurahan Kampung, Ngawen,” said Bambang.

Gunungkidul Regent Sunaryanta welcomed the dry land optimization program provided to farmers in Bumi Handayani. He hopes that farmers can take advantage of this assistance as well as possible so that the productivity of the cultivated land can be increased.

“It must be a solution because with the help there can be used for water supply facilities so that maintenance efforts can run well,” he said.

Sunaryanta acknowledged that the agricultural sector is an important factor in economic growth in Bumi Handayani. Despite the pandemic, this sector can grow well in the first half of 2021.

“I also hope that there will be regeneration with the emergence of millennial farmers. I am sure that with the role of the younger generation, the agricultural sector will be more advanced due to the use of modern equipment so that the results will be optimal,” he said.

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