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Not Just Make a Aloe Vera Mask, Method & Dosage Mixed with Lemon Water, Glowing Facial Skin

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POS-KUPANG.COM – Almost everyone already knows the benefits of aloe vera or Aloe Vera for facial and skin care

Caring for the face and skin with aloe vera, how to make a mask?

What is the size to make a mask so that the dose is right for treating the face? and a mixture of aloe vera with any natural ingredients?

Here’s how to make an aloe vera mask mixed with lemon, let’s see.

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But how to mix it into something new, yes, if the aloe vera plant is famous as a natural ingredient for skin care.

All kinds of complaints can be overcome only armed with aloe vera.

Starting from dull skin, enlarged pores, blackheads, to acne can be overcome easily.

Without expensive skincare, aloe vera has guaranteed the health and flexibility of facial skin.

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Keep in mind, the gel in aloe vera contains vitamin E which maximizes its benefits for the skin.

Vitamin E will help increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, Moms.

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