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DLH Samarinda Proposes Three Priority Programs in the Revised 2021 APBD

  • Share, Samarinda – Several priority programs of the Environment Agency (DLH) Samarinda proposed through the 2021 APBD Amendment.

Of a number of programs, there are three that enter the priority scale to get budget support.

Head of DLH Samarinda Nurrahmani said the three priority programs were increasing temporary shelters (TPS), training experts in sub-districts and urban villages, and lastly the operational costs of Taman Odah Bekesah in Dadi Mulya Village.

The increase in TPS, said Nurrahmani, needs to get budget support again so that the remaining TPS that have not been moved from the edge of the protocol road can be carried out. Currently, out of 200 polling stations, only 108 have been deleted.

“The transition of TPS to new locations and improvements need budget support so that the arrangement program is maximized,” said Nurrahmani.

There are at least 14 new TPS locations proposed by DLH Samarinda as a replacement for the closed TPS. The land, it has been confirmed, is not problematic because it belongs to the Samarinda City Government.

In addition, there are some lands that are owned by the community and are allowed to be used as TPS.

Another program that is no less important is training to increase the capacity of officials in the kelurahan environment.

This training is needed so that environmental issues no longer have to wait for a team from DLH Samarinda limited. If the training, handling and socialization of the environment has been carried out, it will be more effective because the number of personnel available is large and spread throughout the kelurahan.

“We want to provide training to the head office in each sub-district, school, and others for the development of UKS, Adiwiyata, waste management, waste banks, and regional regulations related to the environment,” he said.

Lastly, the budget allocation for electricity, water, and other facilities for the Odah Bekesah Park in Dadi Mulya Village. The park, which was built by the Ministry of Public Works, requires a budget to operate.


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