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Chat with Flora and Fauna at Kungkuk Tourism Village

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Traveling while cheerful with the types of flora and fauna that are bred in Batu City can be a recommendation to enjoy the weekend. Kungkuk Tourism Village on Jalan Semeru, Punten, Bumiaji District, Batu City, is one type of interactive tourism. In this tourist area at the foot of Mount Arjuno, there are various kinds of interactive activities that tourists can do while in the Kungkuk Tourism Village. Cultivation of tangerines is one of the prima donna in this village. The sweet taste of oranges that have thick skin is second to none.

In addition to citrus cultivation, in this village, tourists can go around the tourist area which incidentally is a residential area. In the housing residents there are rabbit, goat and cow farms. Rabbits on this farm are distinguished by the type of livestock that is ready to be sold for meat and cute pets. Rabbits are one of the animals used as a satay menu in Batu City. However, thick fur rabbits with various color accents tend to be sold as pets. Each type of rabbit sold per head is priced starting from Rp. 35,000 for puppies.

The feeling of coolness at the foot of the mountain in Kungkuk Tourism Village is also reflected in the atmosphere of the fish pond decorated with various kinds of green plants and flowers. In this fish pond area, tourists can relax on a gasebo while eating dishes sold at the local cafeteria. The dining menu here is also not much different from the menu outside the tourist village, with IDR 15,000 visitors can enjoy fried chicken, fried rice, and noodle variants, along with drinking.

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“Cool tourist village, suitable for packages live in school children. There are various educations offered, including dairy cows, rabbit farming, chip industry, oyster mushroom breeding and cultivation, apple, orange, guava, chrysanthemum, rose and pickok farming. In addition, there is also Santar and Samboyo dance culture. Sensation live in at residents’ homes, outbound, entrepreneurship training, production practices and others guided by guide trained local people,” explained Putri Alin Jaya.

As explained by Putri, all forms of tourism in Kungkuk Tourism Village are developed by local residents, both in terms of educational tours to tourism guide presented to tourists. Sensation live in what is meant is a way for tourists to work together with one of the residents’ houses designated as homestays to enjoy farming, gardening, and animal husbandry while staying at the residents’ homes.

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