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Polinela Academics: Diversification Based on Local Wisdom to Maintain Food Security

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Lampung State Polytechnic (Polinela) academic, Irmayani Noer explained, during the Covid-19 pandemic, food security in four aspects, of course, was slightly disturbed.

In the aspect of food production, for example, the smooth supply and assistance for production inputs is disrupted. Likewise, aspects of food distribution are disrupted due to the implementation of PPKM.

“Diversification and food consumption aspects are disrupted due to the implementation of PPKM, in which businesses such as hotels and restaurants are limited. Then the food safety aspect is seen from the health and halalness of food products,” said Irmayani Noer, Wednesday (11/8).

So it is necessary to increase production capacity. This has been done by the Ministry of Agriculture by inviting farmers to accelerate rice crops in the second season of 2020 covering an area of ​​6.1 million hectares in Central Kalimantan.

“Food diversification is carried out by developing local food based on local wisdom that focuses on one main commodity. Strengthening reserves and food logistics systems with CBPP, as well as developing modern agriculture,” he said.

He continued, there are still other problems, namely human resources for food security that need to be improved. So there must be a special study program to produce reliable human resources to build national food security.

“Polinela’s applied master’s program of food security is again accepting new students in the third wave which will end on August 22. In this study program the focus of research is on analyzing food security policies on the four pillars,” he explained.

The educational curriculum is packaged with a package system, so that students are targeted to graduate on time, with online learning from Monday to Friday and practicum on Saturday.

“The tuition fee is quite affordable, namely a registration fee of IDR 600 thousand and UKT of IDR 7 million per semester which can be paid in three installments due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

For people who graduate from S1 and D4 who want to register for an applied master’s degree in food security, you can go through the link

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