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Consider the following statements State which of these statements is said to be a quantity

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Write down what materials are used in the packaging of craft products

how to decode enigma

the measurement results shown by the following caliper scale are asking for help, sis, thank you

To maintain the immunity of each member of her family, Mrs. Nadia always provides food in the form of vegetables or fruits that contain vitamins C and E. P …

Today, Mrs. Nadia is planning to buy kiwi fruit and broccoli at the market. Mrs. Nadia hopes to get 927 mg of vitamin C from kiwi fruit and 3.9 mg of vitamin E from broccoli (vitamin content based on the table in the discussion). If the price of 100 grams of kiwi fruit and broccoli is Rp. 6,000.00 and Rp. 1,000. B. IDR 5,600,000. C. Rp. 60,500. D. IDR 65,000.00.​

1. prepare the following equipment: Mine (can also use hands if there is no mine) and stationery. 2. Play a game of tug-of-war…

ng with Ananda’s friend. (If a mine is not available, it can be done by hand/hand pull). 3. Draw the direction of the force that occurs with lines and arrows. Please help

If a man has blood type b and marries a woman with blood type ab, what is the probability that his child will have blood type b?

A bus from Surabaya to Yogyakarta is moving at a speed of 36 km/hour when it approaches an acceleration with a red light it slows down the speed of b …

us by braking if the deceleration is 2m/s² calculate the time to stop so as not to cross the red light stop limit​

The AB ladder which is 5 m long and has a mass of 5 kg is propped up on a smooth vertical wall. End A is located on the wall and end B is located on the lan…

tai. End A is located 4 m above the floor. A child of mass 30 kg climbs a ladder to a height of 2 m from A. The coefficient of friction between the ladder and the floor when the ladder is about to slip is a.0,25b.0,44c.0,27d.0,5e.0,35​

If you make a salt solution by adding 20 grams of salt to 125 ml of water, what is the concentration of the salt solution in g/L​

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