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Temanggung Coffee Productivity Increases More Than 20 Percent – ​​KRJOGJA

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TEMANGGUNG, – Coffee farmers in Temanggung Regency are flowery. Coffee production in the 2021 season has increased by more than 20 percent compared to the previous year with stable selling prices.

Met in the garden, Dariyono, a coffee farmer from Gemawang District, said that the weather in 2020 is very supportive of the flowering and marriage processes and the fruiting of coffee. “During the spring season, the weather is very favorable, there is no rain and the wind is not too strong, so none of the coffee flowers fall,” said Dariyono, Wednesday (11/08/2021).

He said coffee production increased by at least 20 percent, in other farmers who were intensive in care such as pruning after harvest and fertilizer application, coffee production had doubled. “Farmers are very lucky, the harvest is abundant with good quality,” he said.

It said this year’s harvest season had begun. The coffee beans on the tree are still around 70 percent. 30 percent of the picked coffee beans are processed to make coffee rice. Farmers pick the red seeds, so the harvest process can be long, because farmers wait for the seeds to ripen.

“Unlike the green picks in the past, the prices are not that far apart, but the market wants red picks because the taste and quality of the rice and coffee grounds are of very high quality,” he said.

He said that last year, from around 300 coffee plants he owned, he could produce 2 tons of wet red coffee, this year it is expected to increase to 2.4 tons to 2.5 tons.

Another farmer, Sarwadi, said that the selling price of wet red coffee has not yet moved up. Currently, it is still in the range of Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 6,500 per kilogram. He said that getting ripe red coffee was not easy, farmers had to be really patient when picking.

However, the patience of farmers during harvest will produce good results, the quality of the coffee will also be better, besides that the coffee yield is also better.

“When you pick ripe red, the coffee is fuller, so the yield is also good, if you usually get 4 kilograms of wet coffee, it becomes one kilogram of dry coffee beans, but if you pick red ripe, 3.5 kilograms can turn into one kilogram,” he said.

He said that in Temanggung there are a number of Arabica coffee centers, including Kandangan, Bejen and Candiroto. Coffee from the area is known to be good and has a specific taste. (Osy)

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