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Salam Leaves Herbal Medicine for Gout, Here’s How To Make And The Rules To Drink

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JEMBER PORTAL – It is undeniable that bay leaves can also be a herbal medicine that has many benefits.

Efficacy of bay leaves such as treating high blood pressure, kidney disorders, diabetes, and even to treat gout.

This time, we will discuss the ways and rules of drinking bay leaf stew as a herbal medicine so that you don’t make the wrong one and the results will be better.

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Reported JEMBER PORTAL from the UmmatTV YouTube channel on August 12, 2020 post, here’s how to make it.

Before making this herbal decoction of bay leaves, make sure the patient already knows how much uric acid and sugar levels are.

It is recommended at the manufacturing stage to use the lowest small dose first.

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