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Affordable prices for Xiaomi, here are the specifications for the RedmiBook 15 Laptop

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Jakarta: Xiaomi has become a popular brand not only because it offers affordable prices or what is considered cheap, but it is certain that it has high quality and even specifications that are as good as other brands that are more expensive.

Xiaomi has a vision and mission to provide access to technology for everyone to have a better life by utilizing this technology. Not only smartphones, Xiaomi wants to be even wider, especially in supporting productivity, namely through laptops.

Some time ago Xiaomi proudly launched the Redmi Note 10 5G smartphone along with its newest laptop, the RedmiBook 15. Xiaomi priced its laptop at a price of Rp. 6.9 million. What are the specifications of the RedmiBook 15 laptop offered?

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1. Latest Generation Processors

Xiaomi is not half-hearted in designing its products. The RedmiBook 15 laptop uses a processor from the latest Intel family, the 11th Generation. Here is used an Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor.

Of course, this latest generation of processors has the speed that today’s users need and its performance is also definitely faster than previous or previous generations of Intel processors.

2. 15 Inch Relief Screen

The RedmiBook 15 has a screen size that lives up to its name. This thin laptop has a 15.6-inch screen which is quite spacious and is packaged in a thin and light body.
The screen resolution is also quite high, namely FHD Plus, making it suitable for enjoying entertainment content and spoiling the eyes when working with multimedia content.

3. High Resolution Webcam and Quality Speaker

The RedmiBook 15 laptop is equipped with a webcam for video conferencing needs so that it can be used by students, students, to professionals or workers.
The installed webcam has a 720p HD resolution which is very sufficient for daily needs without fear of blurry or out-of-focus camera shots.

In the audio section there are a pair of 2W DTS Audio speakers that support video conferences or presentations, especially enjoying multimedia entertainment. So RedmiBook 15 can be used for both serious and fun.

4. Large RAM Capacity and Fast Storage

The RedmiBook 15 laptop is increasingly capable at an affordable price because it already has 8GB of RAM capacity which is the minimum standard for the needs of various applications to run smoothly.

In storage or data storage memory there is a capacity of 256GB which is quite large with SSD storage models known to have faster performance than HDDs. So RedmiBook 15 has faster performance after relying on an 11th Generation Intel Core processor.


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