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Write how to make a summary –

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Make 10 examples of sentences in the category of concrete nouns, please give the answers SMA class 10​

Briefly explain why Muso was chosen to be the chairman of the Indonesian PKI at that time​

Read the following paragraphs to answer questions number 1-3. Capung is a group of insects that belong to the order Odonata. There are about 5,000 species.

ice dragonfly spread all over the world. You can find dragonflies almost everywhere For example, forests, rice fields, gardens, rivers, and lakes Starting from the shore to an altitude of 3,000 m above sea level Dragonfly habitats are never far from the water. In fact, most of its life is in the water, which is during the nymph phase As a nymph, a dragonfly can last for four to five years As a dragonfly, it only lives up to four months 3 Write the conclusion of the paragraphAnswer​

Wati’s voice when she spoke in the bathroom was louder. This situation because it happened

Arrange the following words 1. plant-corn-in-father’s-garden 2. Contain-iron-parrot-vegetables-nutrients 3. plant-mother’s-branches-are-mango 4. sow-father…

-paddy-seeds-medium 5. owned-coconut-grandfather-medium-sprouting-trees

please answer please :’)​

Make an outline for a speech with the theme “Keep your spirits up with online learning”

Write down five new words that you find after reading the text!

What proverb ‘United we stand, divorced we fall’ can be used in poetry? Please answer friends …..

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