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Remember, STRP is still a requirement for workers to enter Jakarta even though there is no partition

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Source: | Editor: Khomarul Hidayat

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. A worker registration certificate (STRP) remains a requirement for workers during PPKM, even though the partition has been removed in Jakarta and its surroundings.

Director of Traffic Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Sambodo Purnomo Yogo asserted, STRP remains a requirement. “But we no longer carry out blocking at 100 points and only at eight odd-even points do we carry out mobility control,” said Sambodo.

Sambodo said it was possible that the odd-even location would be added to suppress community mobility during PPKM.

However, the addition will be made after the implementation of eight odd-even location points that are effective in limiting mobility.

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“If we are successful and effective at these 8 points, it is possible that during PPKM, we will add other areas,” said Sambodo.

Sambodo emphasized that the re-implementation of the odd-even system is because it measures the level of effectiveness for members who supervise vehicles passing into Jakarta.

“Members can easily see that only those who pass are those that match the date on which they carry out their mobility. If the date is odd, it means that the number plate must be odd, while the even date means that the number plate must be even,” said Sambodo.

“This applies only to four wheels and above. So for two wheels it does not apply,” he added.

Previously, Sambodo stated that his party had decided to eliminate the blocking locations, which currently have 100 points in Jakarta and its surroundings.

“As an illustration, starting (Wednesday) we will stop blocking at 100 points,” said Sambodo.

As for the partition as an effort to suppress mobility, it will be replaced with an odd-even system, patrols and diversion of traffic flow at locations that are considered to cause crowds.

“So we replaced it with three new ways of acting, related to control. It will be enforced from August 10 to 16, 2021,” said Sambodo.

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Author : Muhammad Isa Bustomi
Editor : Jessi Carina

This article was published on with the title “Restrictions Abolished, STRP Remains a Requirement for Workers in Jakarta”.

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