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“Direct Interview! How to Make a CV That HRD Will Look For”

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A curriculum vitae is needed if you are going to apply for a job, generally a CV contains information about yourself, your work experience, your educational history, and also your strengths and weaknesses.

just by looking at your CV, the company will be able to find out whether you are eligible to proceed to the interview stage and are accepted or not. .

Come on, let’s look at the following explanation so that we can make our CV considered in the company that we are applying for.

1. Enter additional info in the form of interests, achievements, or organizational experience

There’s nothing wrong with you entering additional information in the form of interests, achievements and or organizational experience in the community that you are part of and you already have.

The goal is to increase your selling point in the eyes of the company, because as you know, the competition to get a job is now very tight.

This organizational experience is important, so the company knows that you are used to moving as a solid team.

2. List your work experience

What is often overlooked for fresh graduates who do not have experience is that they do not include internship, part time, or volunteer work such as for disaster relief.

Even though any work experience might be able to help you get more attention in a job vacancy. This shows that you are not too familiar with situations caused by work, such as targets, demands for cooperation and pressure at work.

3. Design your CV as attractive as possible!

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