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Perhutani Gives Porang-Kayu Putih Seeds to Al Munir Islamic Boarding School Situbondo

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Surabaya, FNN – Perhutani Probolinggo provided assistance for porang plant seeds and eucalyptus tree seeds to Al Munir Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes), Kalianget Village, Banyuglugur District, Situbondo Regency, East Java, Tuesday, August 20, 2021.

The assistance provided was 1,500 porang plant seeds and 1,500 plances eucalyptus tree seeds. The handover was carried out by the Perhutani Probolinggo Administrator Ida Jatiyana to KH. Ahmad Muzayin.

According to Kyai Zhein, KH. Achmad Muzayyin, the porang seeds will be planted and bred first on the cottage’s land area of ​​one hectare.

“If later the porang plant develops, it will also be planted on Perhutani land with a forestry partnership pattern to empower communities around the forest,” he said in a written statement received by Antara, in Surabaya.

He said the collaboration between the Islamic Boarding School and Perhutani is expected to reduce forest management problems that occur in the Situbondo area, where most of the people still interact in the forest area.

According to Kyai Zhein, forest management cannot be separated from the interaction of the surrounding community. By comparing the ratio of Perhutani’s human resources to the area of ​​the forest it manages, it doesn’t make sense.

“Moreover, the forest is not fenced so that its management is always in contact with the community. For this reason, continuous cooperation between the community and Perhutani is needed, which is currently starting to involve Islamic boarding schools,” said Kyai Zhein.

Meanwhile, the Administrator of Perhutani Probolinggo Ida Jatiyana hopes that the collaboration and collaboration with the Islamic boarding school will provide positive values. It is hoped that it will reduce the problems that occur in forest management, especially in Situbondo, so that the number of forest damage in the area can be minimized.

“The potential forest area that can be planted with porang and eucalyptus is an area of ​​500 hectares at an altitude between 200-700 meters above sea level in the administrative area of ​​Situbondo Regency which is included in Perhutani KPH Probolinggo forest management,” he said.

He also stated that he was ready to coordinate with Perhutani Bondowoso and North Banyuwangi, whose forest areas are part of the administrative area of ​​Situbondo Regency regarding the potential that could be developed.

“In the near future there will be a follow-up meeting between Perhutani Probolinggo, Bondowoso and North Banyuwangi and Ponpes Al Munir as the driving force for the community around the forest,” he said. (MD).

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