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Demand for Husk Fertilizer in Bandung Regency Increases – Cendana News

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BANDUNG — The use of organic fertilizer made from husk is increasingly in demand by farmers. The reason is that the fertilizer derived from rice bran has multiple benefits, besides being good for plants, it can also help fertilize the soil.

Ahmad Tarmisi Sairan (43), a producer of husk fertilizer from Cikancung District, Bandung Regency, West Java, admitted that currently the demand for husk fertilizer is increasing, especially in the Bandung Regency area.

“So there are so many orders, that no one stays in the warehouse, if the production runs out, they sell it immediately,” said Sairan when met in Cipulus village, Mandalasari village, Tuesday (10/8/2021).

Currently, Sairan admits that within a month, he can produce approximately one thousand 8 kilogram sacks, which are sold for Rp. 12,000 to Rp. 15,000 per sack.

“This is actually a promising business opportunity, the capital to buy the husks is not large, but the results are decent. The production process is also fast and uncomplicated, it only takes two days to produce. If I had more capital, I would definitely earn much more,” said Sairan.

Until now, the production of husk fertilizer is still carried out by Sairan. He said, do not have enough capital to pay employees.

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“I still do everything myself, starting from the mikul of husks from rice milling, production of husks, packaging of fertilizers, to selling them, I am still alone. I haven’t been able to get people’s salaries,” said Sairan.

Meanwhile, Dadang (41), a melon farmer in Cikancung also said that he uses a combination of fertilizers in cultivation, one of which is by using husk fertilizer.

“Indeed, rice husk fertilizer is good for plants such as melons, it can help root growth more optimally, so that the water is held back, it doesn’t run out immediately,” said Dadang.

Besides being good for planting media and plants, Dadang assessed that husk fertilizer is also relatively cheap, so its use can help streamline production costs.

“It’s if I combined. If you have used husks, you will reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, so it is cheaper. If you use chemistry, it’s clear that the costs will increase, even though the results are the same,” concluded Dadang.

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