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The Trick to Do Power Pumping for Abundant Breast Milk, It’s Easy!

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Jakarta – Most mothers must have experienced problems while breastfeeding their little ones. In fact, not a few breast milk is constrained by the production of breast milk and also various problems in getting expressed breast milk.

Actually, all these classic problems can be solved easily, Mother. The key is to run management power pumping well. What is management power pumping that, Mother?

Launch Todaysparent, power pumping is the act of pumping breast milk for a long time. Usually done in one hour with a time lag. Because breast milk works on the principle of supply & demand, the more the baby asks to suckle and empty the breast, the more milk is produced.

By pumping energy, it means the body will know to produce more milk. While the results will of course vary for each person, as will the amount of time it will take to achieve them, power pumping most of them can increase your breast milk supply to some extent.

Widow Bolong ornamental plantWidow Bolong ornamental plants/ Photo: Mia Kurnia Sari

Fiorna Jardine, who conducted research focused on the exclusive pumping busui experience, found that the busui that tried power pumping considered to have effective results.

“This is a no-risk way to try to increase your milk supply with a relatively high success rate,” says Dr Jardine, a lactation consultant.

To activate power pumping It’s not that complicated, Mom. The usual pattern is to pump 20 minutes, rest 10 minutes, pump 10 minutes, rest 10 minutes, pump 10 more minutes, for a total of up to 1 hour.

It’s good, Mother does this trick regularly so that management power pumping can run optimally. As a result, the mother’s milk production is abundant and there are no obstacles in daily breastfeeding.

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Also check out the video on how to naturally express breast milk by hand below, Mother:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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