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Typical Mandar Culinary Festival, Welcoming Islamic New Year 1443 H in Campalagian

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Welcoming the Islamic New Year 1443 Hijri. The Department of Youth, Sports and Tourism (Dispop) of Polewali Mandar Regency (Polman) held the Muharram Festival by competing for culinary potential through the creation of typical Mandar foods.

In collaboration with the Social Youth Community (Kompas) under the auspices of the Darussalam Foundation, the Salafiyah Al Ihsan Kenje Islamic Boarding School. The Muharram Festival was held at the Jami Darussalam Mosque, Campalagian District, Monday night (9/8/2021).

Present at the event, Secretary of Dispop Andi Sukmawati at the same time opened and became a jury at the culinary potential event through the creation of Mandar specialties in welcoming the Islamic new year.

Participants in the culinary potential competition, followed by 4 groups of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Campalagian District.

Sukmawati hopes that this lively activity or Muharram Festival will become the annual agenda of Polewali Mandar Dispopar in welcoming the Islamic New Year.

Not only competing for Mandar specialties at the Muharram Festival. Islamic nuanced competitions such as, compiling letters Hijaiyah, Memorization of Short Surahs, Blessings of the Prophet, Coloring Calligraphy, Tartil Al Quran.

There are also competitions Sirah Nabawi, Da’i Cilik, Hafalan 1 Juz, Sholat Berjamaah, managing the funeral, to traditional sports competitions such as, sack running, Jekka Ka’daro and baton run.

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“Our custom has always been 1 Muharram opening and the following days. While we look at some events or competitions or the competence of our children (students). Maybe we will hold full for this year until the closing at 10 Muharram, “ explained Ustadz Ahmad Multazzam, head of the Darussalam Foundation, Pondok Pesantren Salafiyah Al Ihsan Kenje.

Ustadz Ahmad Multazzam at the celebration of the Islamic New Year 1443 H hopes that the community at every 1 Muharram will be enlivened by combining elements in religion with local culture. So that people know better that the month of Muharram is the month of Islam.

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