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When a Food Security Pandemic Is Needed, Residents of Pokdakan Sauyunan Kadulawang Sell Fish –

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Members of Pokdakan Sauyunan Kadulawang sell their pet fish to residents who will buy fish for consumption.

During the Covid 19 Pandemic, the Sauyunan Kadulawang Fish Cultivator Group, Cipanengah Village, experienced difficulties in managing fish, especially from the problem of feed.

However, the care of the Management and Members for mutual progress so that they still remain to survive.

In addition, BBPBAT Sukabumi, also cares about the Feed Assistance to help the difficulties of this group, by giving 10 Sacks of Feed or 250 Kg of Pellets for Tilapia Feed.

This Fish Cultivator Group is certainly very helpful with the help of the feed for the sustainability of fish cultivators who are currently experiencing difficulties.

“Alhamdullilah, thank you for caring about Pokdakan Sauyunan Kadulawang what has been given by BBPBAT which has helped feed pellets as much as 250 kg or 10 sacks. With this assistance, it will increase the enthusiasm of members and continue to provide feed for fish that are currently being managed “, said Treasurer of Pokdakan, Empi, to

In addition to raising fish, Pokdakan Sauyunan also cultivates Palawija and daily cooking needs such as Cloves, Tomatoes, Lemongrass, Basil and Turmeric for the cooking needs of members and local residents who need them.

“We hope that there will be seed assistance for Palawija plants and fruit that can be utilized by members and local residents so that the Food Security of the Sauyunan Pokdakan Residents and the surrounding residents is expected to be helped,” explained Pokdakan Public Relations Officer, Hendra Brow, who is also the person in charge of Sauyunan Pokdakan. Kadulawang .

Pokdakan Sauyunan Kadulawang which is now 1 year old at the time of its formation on August 17, 2020 in conjunction with the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

“Alhamdulillah, Pokdakan Sauyunan Kadulawang, has moved 1 year, to coincide with the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia, because when the formation of this Pokdakan began when it was going to hold an event on August 17 at that time, coincidentally at this time I was the Head of Youth in Rw an 01 Kadulawang in addition to preparing the Committee 17 At that time, we also formed the Sauyunan Pokdakan Management,” he added.

Although in the Sauyunan Pokdakan SK which has been confirmed by Cipanengah Village with the issuance of the “Saudi Cultivator” Fish Cultivator Group Inauguration Decree No.523.3 / 27 / Kel.Cpn / 2020 signed on 29/09/2020.


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