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How to Create a Google Drive Video Link – Happening Now Article Collection

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How to Create Google Drive Video Links

How to Create Google Drive Video Links -Since the implementation of online learning activities, many teachers and students have used Google Drive to assist their teaching and learning process.

Like me, who conducts lectures online, some assignments require making videos and sending Google Drive video links to lecturers.

Maybe many don’t know what Google Drive is, Google Drive is one of the file storage media provided by Google.

Actually there is still media to store other files such as iCloud, micloud which is available for iPhone and Xiaomi devices.

The function of this storage is the same as Google Drive, namely to back up data on smartphones. The usefulness of backing up this data is that the data will be safe if suddenly your cellphone is lost or damaged.

With the backup of data in the cloud, you can access the data through other devices.

how to make video link from google drive

Follow the steps below for how to create a video link that you upload to Google Drive.

1. Prepare the video file to be uploaded.

2. Make sure the Google Drive application is installed on your smartphone, if not, please download it first from the Play Store or App Store.

3. Open the google drive application.

4. Click the plus icon then select upload, select the file to be uploaded.

5. Wait for the upload process to complete.

6. When finished, click the three-dot icon to the right of the video, then click copy link.

After doing the steps above, your Google Drive video link is ready, you can send the link.

Well that’s it how to make google drive link for video assignment collection what you can do. In addition, uploading videos on Google Drive also has several advantages, including:

1. Save phone storage space.

2. Easier to share.

3. Can be accessed from various other devices.

That’s a little information about how to create a google drive video link, hopefully this article can help you in overcoming the problem of limited storage space. With Google Drive you can back up large data easily.

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