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Enforcement of Consistent Prokes Discipline Conducted by PP Satpol Officers

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BANJARMASIN, MK – The enforcement of health protocols (prokes) continues to be carried out by the Banjarmasin City Government. Through Satpol PP officers, disciplinary raids were carried out at various locations in Banjarmasin City.

Unfortunately, although the implementation of the Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) has been going on since July 26, 2021, there are still people who violate the prokes.

At least 29 residents of Banjarmasin were caught during a health checkpoint raid when Satpol PP officers patrolled, Monday (9/8/2021). Among those who were subjected to social punishments such as sweeping the streets, there were also those who were fined money.

“I forgot to bring my mask. I took social punishment for cleaning up the garbage,” said Adriansyah, one of the prokes violators.

The Head of Banjarmasin Satpol PP Investigation Enforcement, Mulyadi, revealed that the enforcement of health procedures was intensified during the PPKM level IV period. This is important as an effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

“There are still those who violate the health procedures, such as not wearing masks when they are outside. At least 29 residents were found to have violated the health procedures during this raid,” he explained.

Enforcement of the process continues to be carried out inseparable from the 5M, especially wearing masks, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, reducing mobility, and washing hands.

One of the residents of Banjarmasin, Ikmal, admitted that he had no problem with enforcing the discipline of the health care program, considering that it was for the common good in preventing the spread of the Corona virus.

“However, we are still in a pandemic period. So people need to be made aware of the importance of prokes discipline, including wearing masks when doing activities outside,” he concluded.[anshari]


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