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5 Important Factors to Maintain Children’s Endurance

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OKEMOM – Given the increasing number of Covid-19 cases every day, parents must be extra in protecting their children from the threat of exposure to the virus.

Maintaining a child’s immune system is one of the main keys in an effort to protect and reduce the risk of children being susceptible to disease.

In addition to being obliged to implement health protocols, it is important for parents to familiarize their children with adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Pediatrician at Eka Hospital BSD, dr. Christine Natalia, Sp.A, said that sChildren’s immune systems are generally still in the development stage, so they tend to be more susceptible to disease-causing viruses.

In an online discussion held on Instagram Live @ekahospital, Thursday (5/8), dr. Christine also shared some important tips for maintaining a child’s immune system during a pandemic. For more details, let’s see the following tips!

1. Provide balanced nutritious food

choosing nutritious food for children

The main thing that parents need to pay attention to in maintaining a child’s immune system is to give him healthy, balanced nutritious foods.

The reason is, if the body lacks nutrients, it will only have an impact on the decreased immune system so that it can cause children to be susceptible to falling ill.

Not only nutritionally balanced, parents must also provide children with delicious-tasting food. As stated by dr. Christine.

“Parents need to give children food with balanced nutrition and nutrition. However, it should also be noted that the food tastes delicious. So, parents need to be smart in processing food. Especially for parents who have just introduced their baby to solid food,” he said.

Mom can also meet nutritional needs with foods rich in carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, and other supporting substances. However, also pay attention to a good amount of daily intake. Because, anything in excess is certainly not good for the body.

2. Don’t miss meals

tips for maintaining child's immune system

It is undeniable that children tend to be difficult and do not want to eat. However, that does not mean parents can ignore it, yes!

The reason is, when children often skip meals later it will only make their metabolism decrease so they are vulnerable to health problems and your little one will also experience fatigue more often.

To deal with children who have difficulty eating, Mom can serve dishes in various interesting forms. For example, making a rice bento with the shape of a micky mouse.

3. Get enough rest and sleep

tips for maintaining child's immune system

Not only adults, children also need adequate rest and sleep. Parents need to know that not getting enough rest will have an impact on decreasing the body’s immunity, so that children are more susceptible to disease.

For this reason, parents should apply sleeping hours for children so that their little ones don’t sleep late at night. Don’t forget to get your child used to getting up in the morning so that he becomes morning person.

4. Invite children to be active

tips for maintaining child's immune system

Basically, children who are actively moving are much healthier both physically and mentally. In times of pandemic like today, children can’t be active to play outside the house as usual.

However, that does not mean that this reason can inhibit the activity of your little one. So that children stay active even at home, Mom can invite them to exercise regularly. Do sports with your family such as gymnastics or aerobics so that your child will be healthier and happier.

5. Provide vitamin supplements

recommended vitamins for children

In addition to providing nutritious foods, parents also need to provide additional vitamins to boost the child’s immune system.

“According to several studies and recommendations from IDAI (Indonesian Pediatrician Association), parents can give their children additional vitamins, such as vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin D3,” said dr. Christine.

These vitamins will be able to increase the body’s immunity so that if the vitamins in the child’s body are fulfilled properly, then he is far from the risk of disease.

In addition to some of the tips above, dr. Christine also appealed to parents not to skip the immunization schedule during the pandemic. Immunizations can be started in infancy to prevent measles, mumps, chickenpox, and other infections and viruses.


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