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The rainy season has a bad impact on tobacco quality

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BONDOWOSO, RADARJEMBER.ID – Tobacco is the second largest plantation commodity in Bondowoso. After coffee, tobacco plants are still commonly found in Bondowoso. Now, some tobacco farmers are starting to harvest. One of them is Novi, a resident of Dusun Kerajan II, Dawuhan Village, Grujugan District.

When he was found, he seemed to be fixing the shampoo type of tobacco that was scattered from the top of the chopped tobacco drying place. The tobacco he was trimming seemed to have started to dry up.

Novi admitted that she had harvested tobacco twice because it was time to pick it. In the first harvest, his tobacco sold at a price of Rp. 22 thousand per kilogram. “Luckily, there are already merchants willing to buy. The price is better than not selling at all,” said this middle-aged man.

According to him, the price of tobacco depends on the quality. Usually, he said, the higher the leaf, the better. “may the thicker the leaves,” he added.

Now, as in other areas, Bondowoso also often gets rain. This becomes an obstacle in the drying process due to lack of heat. As a result, it can cause tobacco damage. “If the heat is normal, it is usually dried in the sun for two days,” he explained.

Furthermore, he explained, the plants are classified as early harvests. However, for farmers whose crops are later, currently they have not yet harvested.

Novi said that the cost of tobacco production is quite high. Starting from plowing the land, maintenance, until the time of harvest four months from planting. “I have a land area of ​​250 square meters. Two quintals of fertilizer are used up. It is mixed between Urea and ZA. If Rp 3 million more has been used up. Hopefully later the results can return on investment and the price can be high, “he hoped.

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