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3 Ways to Cook Whole Village Chicken Without Presto, Provisions for Making Ingkung Chicken

  • Share – Free-range chicken has a tougher texture than chicken broiler. Even so, free-range chicken is often used to make dishes for a special event.

Ingkung chicken, for example. Ingkung chicken is one of the dishes specially served during the Islamic New Year by the Javanese people.

“This ingkung chicken is actually ungkep chicken. Some are uncovered using opor seasoning, some are uncovered using yellow spices,” said Executive Chef at APREZ Catering & AMUZ Gourmet Restaurant Stefu Santonso to, Monday (9/8/2021).

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The texture of free-range chicken tends to be tougher than chicken broiler, some people choose to cook ingkung chicken with a pressure cooker.

However, Stefu said that ingkung chicken is enough to be cooked in an ordinary pot.

“Cooking a whole chicken using pressure cooker, maybe 25 minutes is enough. If I say you don’t need pressure, it’s just to speed up time,” said Stefu.

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On the same occasion, Stefu also shared three ways to cook ingkung chicken without pressure to make it perfectly cooked.

Check out three ways to cook ingkung chicken without pressure so that it is perfectly cooked below.

1. Season evenly

To cook ingkung chicken, you need ungkep seasoning. There are two types of chicken ungkung spices, namely opor and yellow spices.

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Make sure the chicken that has been cleaned and coated with a little salt and pepper can be submerged in the ungkep seasoning.

“The first principle is that the important thing is that the seasoning must cover all parts of the chicken,” said Stefu.

Illustration of chicken.SHUTTERSTOCK/ BALIN BALEV Illustration of chicken.

2. Use low and steady fire

If you want the chicken to be perfectly cooked, don’t use a stove that is too high.

On the other hand, Stefu said, just use low and steady heat while cooking the ingkung chicken.

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“First, boil the ingredients for the ungkep, then add the chicken, then reduce the stove fire,” said Stefu.

Ingkung chicken requires cooking time on low heat for at least 45 minutes

3. Use a thermometer

To make sure the chicken is not done or undercooked, you can use a thermometer.

According to Stefu, the best temperature to get perfect chicken results is 70 degrees Celsius.

“She is food science“The thing is, if we want to use the thermometer, we have to plug the chicken in to a temperature of 70-72 degrees Celsius,” explained Stefu.

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