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Check out, How to Prevent Humidity at Home During the Rainy Season

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JAKARTA, – When the rainy season arrives, the humidity in the house will be higher than usual. This can also invite problems such as seepage that occurs in places such as walls or ceilings.

Launching from Architectural Digest, Tuesday (10/8/2021), too much humidity in the house can also cause mold buildup. To prevent this, you must do the following things.

1. Identify the source of moisture

The first step is to inspect the house and look for signs of moisture such as damp patches on walls, ceilings, white mineral deposits on walls or peeling paint.

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Once you’ve identified the damp zone, check for possible sources of water seepage such as leaky pipes, cracked walls and ceilings, or cracked tile grout. Be sure to repair any leaking pipes, repair cracks or re-attach tiles immediately.

Rain illustration.FREEPIK/KIREYONOK_YULIYA Rain illustration.

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2. Keep the house ventilated

Ventilate your home by opening windows and letting fresh air circulate inside.

Cross ventilation is one of the best ways to extract moist air from indoors and prevent the buildup of condensation that causes humidity.

3. Reduce moisture

The easiest way to control and reduce humidity is to cover the pot while cooking to prevent steam buildup, dry wet clothes outdoors and wipe down the bathroom after showering.

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