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How to Create an Automated Google Docs Table of Contents

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If you don’t know how to properly compile a table of contents in a document, it can be a chore. Well, this time I will discuss how to create a Google Docs table of contents automatically.

The most important thing in compiling a paper or paper is the structure of the document. Because this is not only useful for dividing topics in typing, but also provides its own technical advantages.

Most people just write titles and sub-headings by setting the font to be larger or bolder. Although it works visually, this method is less precise and does not provide technical advantages.

So before moving on to creating an automatic table of contents, first set up your typing structure using the correct title format.

Set Title and Subtitle Format

How to set the title format in Google Docs is relatively the same as creating a title in MS Word. You can put the cursor on the type that will be the title/sub-title, then select the Title format in the menu.

Please pay attention to the structure. ‘Title’ (Title) will be the title of your document. ‘Title 1’ (Heading 1) will be the main sub-heading, ‘Title 2’ (Heading 2) will be the sub-heading under Heading 1, and so on.

If you’ve set all the headings and subtitles formatting in your document correctly, Google Docs will recognize it and will show you the structure of the document. This structure will be the table of contents.

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