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Head of TPHP Plants Super Philips Varieties of Shallots in Balakia

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SINJAI, BB – Head of the Food Crops, Horticulture and Plantation Service (TPHP) of Sinjai Regency H. Kamaruddin together with the local government carried out the first planting of super philips shallots on the land of the Bunga Bungaya farmer group, Balakia Village, West Sinjai District, Monday (9/08/2021)

Kamaruddin said that the initial planting of shallot seeds was a superior quality seed, assisted by the Central Government through the task of Assisting the State Budget for the 2021 Fiscal Year.

This assistance amounts to around 15 hectares which is allocated for 10 hectares for 4 farmer groups in Balakia sub-district and 5 hectares for 2 farmer groups in Tassililu village.

“These two kelurahan are areas that are planned to become shallot centers or villages, so the establishment of this commodity village is one part of the leading commodity development strategy so that the center of superior commodity centers can grow in Sinjai,” he explained.

The amount of seed assistance is given as much as 700 kg per hectare with a production target at harvest time of around 6-7 tons per hectare.

“This assistance is part of the efforts of the Regional Government through the Regent of Sinjai in building communication to the Center, especially to the Directorate General of Horticulture, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

In addition to shallot seeds, his party also provided assistance with 300 kg of NPK fertilizer per hectare and 1,240 kg of POG per hectare.

“We hope that the farmer groups who receive the assistance can maintain well so that production targets can be met. This assistance is only a stimulant so that other production facilities can be prepared independently,” added Kamaruddin.

This effort is also part of one of the flagship programs of the Regent of Sinjai Andi Seto Asapa (ASA) in agriculture in developing superior commodities in each sub-district. (**)

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