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West Java DPRD Commission II: Provincial Government Must Pay Attention to Satpel Conditions

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Ngamprah, Bewarajabar – Commission II of the West Java DPRD highlighted the poor condition of the Seed and Horticulture Service Unit (Satpel) of Cipatat, West Bandung Regency. The reduced Satpel budget due to refocusing is said to be one of the causes of limited service and infrastructure conditions.

This was revealed by Member of Commission II of the DPRD of West Java Province, Sopyan BHM on the sidelines of the commission’s working visit at the Cipatat Seed and Horticulture Satpel Office, West Bandung Regency, Monday (23/8/2021).

“Complaints from service units starting from procurement, including their operational budget are very limited, only the conditions during this pandemic have reduced the budget for commission partners,” said Sopyan.

Sopyan also asked the West Java Provincial Government to pay more attention, especially to Satpel, which currently requires a budget boost.

“Each of these Satpel should be assisted from the start of their operations because after all, Commission II and its partners in Commission II are like the belly of West Java, but the budget is not too large, making economic recovery and food security programs quite difficult,” said Sopyan.

Furthermore, the West Java DPRD member from the Gerindra Unity Faction stated that if the budget for the department, especially those incorporated in Commission II partners, would have an effect on improving the quality of all Satpel spread across West Java.

“Hopefully, in this case the West Java Provincial Government, there will be clean up in our Satpels in West Java,” he concluded.

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