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Head of KKN Appreciates DPL KKN UNM

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Implementation of KKN in the field - (Photo: Ist)
Implementation of KKN in the field – (Photo: Ist)

PROFESI-UNM.COM – Head of the Makassar State University (UNM) Real Work Lecture (KKN), Arifin Manggau, gave his appreciation to the Field Assistant Lecturer (DPL) Makassar State University (UNM). The appreciation depends on the performance of DPL in the field.

DPL is tasked with providing guidance to KKN students while in the field.

The head of KKN, Arifin Menggau, said that he had always given appreciation to DPL according to its performance.

“So far I have always appreciated the lazy and diligent DPL,” he said.

He explained that diligent DPL will always be assigned to become DPL. Meanwhile, lazy DPL will be monitored and sanctioned.

“When he is diligent and his activities are clear, then he is always a DPL. But, when there is a lazy DPL, I can detect it in the group, there is a DPL group,” he explained.

The head of the UNM KKN, said the criteria for being diligent were those who always uploaded their student activities and did their job well.

“I always appreciate students who always upload their activities, actively provide direction and guidance to students, for sure if they are lazy, they will not be used again,” he said.

*Reporter: Kristen Tandi Rani

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